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Our innovative welding equipment and accessory products are specially selected to give you peace of mind.  

So why buy products from Oracle Welding, well is because we care. We are not a cooperate company that only cares about the bottom line. We care about you, our goal is to become the number one resource for information and products in the welding industry in Southern Africa. We believe that in order to improve the current economic situation, that we all currently face, is to improve the knowledge base of the everyday workers in South Africa.
We believe that everyone should be proud of the work that they are doing and industry they are involved in.

Partner with the right team, the team that KNOWS.

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Oracle Welding is the right wholesale supplier for your business. Why, because we care about your business, we support you and want you to grow. We offer the best aftersales service in the industry and we don't just say it we mean it. 

Coming from are technical service background, we know what its like to be on the ground in the factories with the customers. From this, we have becoming a leading wholesaler of welding products in the Western Cape and to the rest of South Africa. Operating since 2016, we have grown our products according to what the welding industry requires.

We believe that people buy from people and that you need to speak to experts that care about you and your business. We offer you what you need, the right equipment for the projects your customers have. Offering only the best quality products at affordable prices. 

Offering an extensive range of thousands high quality product lines from specifically selected leading manufacturers.​

We carry an extensive stock of equipment, consumables and accessories supported by our distributors where they help us in building our product range.

Oracle Multi 145 Gas-less Mig Welder

A welder for everyone in South Africa 
120Amp - 20% Duty Cycle at 40Deg C
Includes built-in mig torch, earth cable and 1kg roll of gas-less mig wire.
Super Easy to use, everyone can now be a welder
Multi process welder with synergic technology

Jasic True View Auto Helmet Standard View

The all new Jasic True View Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. 56x100mm Viewable area
See in colour during the welding process1/1/1/2 Filter
Shade 5 to Shade 13 step-less adjustment
6 Way Headgear for better comfort
Replacement Batteries
Adjustable Delay and Sensitivity settings
Suitable for ARC, MIG, TIG, Plasma and Grinding
Darkens at 5 Amps, perfect for TIG process

JASIC Welding and Cutting Equipment

Oracle Welding is the South African importer of the JASIC WELDING BRAND into South Africa. We have over 25 different models to choose from and over 1500 units in stock. We are constantly improving our model range, to make sure that we only have the best to choose from. 

JASIC is an international developer, manufacturer and supplier of welding inverters and integrated welding solutions that represent value, reliability, durability and innovation.

An international sales network in over 80 countries - JASIC has a worldwide reputation for providing the highest quality with exceptional service.​

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Customer Service

Our aim to provide unrivalled service and complete customer satisfaction, all our industry leading brands are supported by a team that is on the ground.

Our technical expertise for product innovation and development is at the core of our Growth Centre, where our distributors and their customer help us improve not only our product quality and also our product range.

Know other brand has the aftersales assistance that we can offer.



Oracle Welding trade on a strictly wholesale basis with a nationwide network of authorized distributors.

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