Automatic Pipe Welder

Pipe to pipe Welding System

WZM-200 closed tube-to-tube automatic welding machine is a special all-position automatic TIG equipment designed for all kinds of tube fitting joints. It adopts the welding method without filler wire, which is widely applied in electronics, chemical engineering, food/beverage, air conditioner, pharmaceuticals/
medical equipment, instruments and apparatus, aerospace, engineering installation, nuclear and other industries.

Small and light welding head:
Easy operation with no need of manual interference.
7-inch touch screen:
friendly and visualized programming interface with simple and easy operating method.
Long-life motor:
high-quality DC core-less servo motor enjoys stable performance and long service life
Unlimited rotation:
not entangled by water hoses, electric wires, and gas hoses Save and recall 60 sets of parameters: Up to 60 sets of parameters can be saved and recalled, and one process can be divided into up to 16 sectors
Abundant expert database:
The welding programs can be generated automatically according to different pipe diameters and wall thickness
Built-in printer:
Automatically print welding parameters for convenient filing
Application area:
electronic, chemical, food/drinking water, air conditioner, medicine/medical equipment, instrument
&meter, aviation/aerospace, engineering installation and nuclear power , etc.
Automatic Pipe Welder - Torch Options

Tube - Tube Welding Head

  • Mainly used for all-position, self- fusion, tube-tube welding.
  • Mainly suitable for thin-wall tube-tube welding of stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc.
Automatic Pipe Welder

Features & Benefits

  • Small size, light weight, simple operation, zero requirement for welder skill
  • Flexible automatic centering fixture, accurate positioning, safe and reliable.
  • Closed-type welding ensures welding quality.
  • Infinite rotation device avoids water, power, and gas winding.
  • Water cooled, high duty cycle
  • Common function keys on welding head make it convenient for fast welding.
Automatic Pipe Welder - User Interface

Touch Screen Control Interface

  • 7-inch touch screen control interface, intuitive image, easy to operate.
  • 60 sets of welding specs can be stored and recalled, saving operating time.
Automatic Pipe Welder - Spec Sheet